Malwarebytes update

Malwarebytes have launched its beta version, and also it is available for the download. Malwarebytes made some changes related to performance and user Interface. Also added a new detection engine with it, which help the user to improves computer performance level. All changes are listed below:

New Detection Engine Are
⦁ Along with this new detection engine, which allows the user to enhance zero-hour detection.
⦁ Dynamically mutating extend malware detection.

Other Changes
⦁ Improved scans time and high-performance level.
⦁ Redesigned user interface to provide better visuals.
(User can easily download malwarebytes and install malwarebytes with their computer.)
⦁ Feature of Windows Security Center integration settings
⦁ Its web security component has been improved

Malwarebytes Beta changelog
⦁ Defensive performance
⦁ Improved Detection and Security

⦁ Default monthly ‘scheduled scan’ mode with free mode
⦁ To allow installation for the standalone business user to update the installer

Stability/issues fixed
⦁ Fixed BSOD related to Farflt.sys
⦁ Fixed issue with short filename exclusion
⦁ Fixed issue where real-time protection was not enabled properly
⦁ Other miscellaneous defects addressed

Known Issues
⦁ The Installer requires a working Internet connection
⦁ In some circumstances, an immaculate install is required to complete the Installer
⦁ The Installer is still working with the provisional UI and lacks some essential elements (eg, progress bar)
⦁ The Installer does not support safe mode at this point
⦁ False-positive rates will be quite low, but they can still happen
⦁ This version is still only in English
⦁ Crashes and BSODs may appear under certain circumstances
⦁ UI does not support high DPI and some screen resolutions
⦁ The support tool does not support 4.x Betas.
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