Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware & Anti-Exploit

Anti-Ransomware – Ransomware software attack will encrypt our data file and for decrypt, it will ask us for money and after that, no security software can be removed from this type of infection. And even if we will pay for it this is not sure that we will get our file or not. So premium version software always keeps our computer and data safe it will block any suspicious process before it will effect on our computer.

Anti-Exploit – Premium version of Malwarebytes can detect software bugs and warn us to update software if needed because hackers can misuse software misuse security holes and give us a problem.

Malwarebytes Premium version is providing a fast scan but it will scan most of the area to make sure our computer is safe or not. Some Antivirus fast scan will take only a few seconds,Actually they just want to show that they are faster than other but faster is not mean they are best because they can leave some important area where virus can be hidden so you will not face this type of problem in premium version because its fast scan will take a couple of minutes.

Some time data is more important than money, for example, you have some old pictures and these are very valuable or you created your project but you spend many days and night to complete it and what if any virus or Ransomware software will give bad effect on your hard work, So in our opinion if you think same you will go for premium version.
If you bought any Antivirus and you are not satisfied with it. sometime they will give you max. To max.30 days for refund and some are not giving this time too but Malwarebytes will give you 60 days money-back guarantee.

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