How is it different from traditional Antivirus?

  • Traditional Antivirus has limited features. But Malwarebytes Is smart and better than any other Antivirus.
  • If you have any Antivirus but if you are still thinking or you have any doubt that your computer and network are secure or not then you should try Malwarebytes, And the result will be 100% better then before.
  • Many Antivirus slows to react to new threats but it is faster than others.
  • Antivirus can slow down your computer speed but Malwarebytes will not do.
  • Malwarebytes‘ latest technology prevents hackers and malware. And here traditional antivirus is not up-to-mark.
  • If you are visiting an infected website or mistakenly if you open any fake website Malwarebytes will block it. Traditional Antivirus will take much more time to identify it or sometimes it will not block these types of websites.
  • On papers, many Traditional Antivirus try to prove that they are better then any other but in a real scenario, if any person only installs Malwarebytes then it is enough for him.
  • All-Big Company is using Antivirus because in the term in the condition they should have to use Antivirus in all system(Because some are still following old rules ), But when any computer will be infected and if Antivirus will unable to clean computer that time Tech person run Malwarebytes to remove any type of infection. Because they know that they have two choices. Either they will take backup and format computer and reinstall all software, drivers and again restore the backup, Or they can simply run Malwarebytes on the infected computer. One more interesting thing is that after restore backup they are not sure that their computer is safe or not because their Antivirus did not show any infection but their computer was working abnormally. And after restore backup, they will always worry that what they will do if it will again start work as before. But Tech person knows that if they are running Malwarebytes and it has been clean up computer then they no need to worry about anything.
  • Some time latest Virus or Trojan will attack system files at that time as we all know that all security software will take time to identify it. But what happened after that? Some Antivirus cleanup computers deeply but some Antivirus can not do it, When they try to remove infected system file and if they will unable to do it they will remove the system file. So the result is that you need to reinstall your Operating System. You will never face this type of issue with Malwarebytes because if it will not able to remove the infection that time it will block infection so it will not spread in your computer or in your entire network. When the new update will available it will remove the infection without crash our computer or delete our system file.
  • Many Traditional Antivirus companies spending a lot of money on an advertisement to sell their product and trying to prove that they are better then others, but if you will ask any Tech. The person he will defiantly tell you to use Malwarebytes.
  • Malwarebytes is cost-effective. As we already told to you that if your Antivirus will not work as required and your computer is infected and now you are formatting your computer so just think about that how much you spend for your Antivirus, and how much time you are spending to format and reinstall all software, As we know time is priceless. In the normal condition, I am assuming that you are faster and you already have your Operating system DVD and you have all drivers and software DVD and a fast Internet connection and you are very good to reinstall your computer. In normal conditions might be you need 3-4 hours to stand up your computer. (We did not include backup process and restore process and Microsoft windows update or download any game from the internet as we all know it will take much more time.)Now I hope all you are agree that 3-4 hours is a very good time to do many other works. Now, what if we will tell you that might be you need to format your computer twice in a year because your traditional Antivirus is not working up as per expectation. So for me, it is more than annoying.
  • You have bought an antivirus and you are not satisfied with it. After some time they will give you maximum benefit. Up to a maximum of 30 days for refunds and some are not even offering at this time, and instead, Malwarebytes will give you 60 days money-back guarantee.

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