Malwarebytes Premium

Is Malwarebytes premium worth buying?

Premium account gives you full access plus other awesome advance features like Real time scanner. You can get test drive for 14 days trial period. Pro version gives you IP Protection that will block dangerous(unsafe) websites. It is trustworthy security software with latest threat removal program.
Well it’s worth buying just because in one time pay you get real time protection. However, if your are not satisfied then Malwarebytes provide 60-day money back guarantee on software (i.e. for home user).

Malwarebytes Premium Free Download

Yes, you can get free Malwarebytes on your device easily follow some steps-

  1. Go to
  2. Click free download.
  3. Double click on setup file and install on following instructions.

Note: if you are not able to find setup file then go to download folder and find there or re-download.

malwarebytes premium for mac

Download and Install Malwarebytes for PC/MAC

  • To Download software just go to previous steps. Once you get setup file then double click on file and install on your machine.
  • Premium customer can type product key- Yxxx-x6xx-xxCx-xxxD with ID for Activate.
  • Click “Activate
  • Check Real-time protection is on/off.

Why Premium?

  • Premium Malwarebytes has four real-time protections layers. They are only available with premium and premium trial (14 days).
  • To Block Malware attacks, Stop Ransomware from locking your data, protect from malicious websites when you’re browsing and Detect Spyware before it can steal your identity.

Quarantine Removal

To permanently remove those harmful files which has been found after scan complete then remove it from quarantine files. You may restore or delete quarantine threats.

Update/Upgrade Malwarebytes program

To click on “Update” & get latest update. Update premium Malwarebytes with latest feature before scanning your system.

Schedule Scan

scheduled scan means scan automatically on specific time/date. Configure Malware bytes scan go to settings and ‘Scan schedule’

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Scan information shows scan date and time with log file name. reports provide complete details about types, results, objects, time, processes, modules, registry keys and valuse, data files, threat information with their types, location, ID, threats detected during the scan etc.

Real-time protection

Automatic protection against cyber threats in real-time, software run in background and protect device and web browser easily without slowing down your system. It work like firewall on system that check all incoming and outgoing connections.

Enable Real-Time Protection
  1. malwarebytes primium dashboard screen.
  2. Click on Settings, then Click Protection
  3. Next, under Real-time protection all layers are turn ON or not.

Support Operating system(s):Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS®, Android™

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